Do You Know these ‘Open’ Secret Properties of Water?

Do You Know these ‘Open’ Secret Properties of Water?

There are some properties of water that the world scientific establishment is yet to fully acknowledge

Recently, NASA's Perseverance robot successfully landed on Mars. The six-wheeled rover will operate in an area that is believed to have held abundant water once upon a time. If Mars contained water, there must have been life, too. Water, after all, is the basic source of life, whether it is on our planet or any other.

Science has established that water has three states of matter – solid, liquid and vapour – and that it is polar, has cohesive and adhesive properties, has high heat capacity and is an excellent solvent. But beyond these widely known facts are a few other fascinating properties of water.

Here, are five unique properties of water that have withstood scientific rigor:

The 4th Phase of Water!

It was more than 100 years ago that a physical chemist William Hardy proposed that there is a ‘fourth phase’ of water, somewhere between the solid and liquid phases. Some scientists now call it the exclusion zone (EZ). This phase is negatively charged while water beyond it is positively charged. Scientists who have worked on it claim that if you stick electrodes in both negative and positive phases as in a battery, it could light up a bulb. If this can be scaled up, clean energy through water is no more science-fiction.

Water has memory

Scientifically, the 'water memory' theory started getting probed in all seriousness in the 1980s by French scientist Dr Jacques Benveniste, and it has been built upon by others including Nobel laureate Prof Luc Montagnier. According to this theory, water can reproduce the properties of any substance it once contained and also retains the memory of the properties of the molecules. When water with “consciousness” is applied practically, it could result in a solution to various diseases including cancer.

Water experiences trauma

When water can retain memory, can it ignore any stress it undergoes? Research by Germany's Prof. Dr Bernd Kröplin has shown that when water is obtained from lakes and rivers in urban areas, they show signs of "stress" and "trauma" in their molecular structure; whereas water from freshwater sources such as glaciers or 'holy water' shows that it is at 'peace.'

Water can be energized

Before we get the water in our taps, it undergoes various processes to make it 'fit' for human use. We also use modern gadgets to further 'purify' it. After the whole process, we are left with a liquid that satiates our thirst and not much beyond that. But using the techniques that Viktor Schauberger, a European scientist propounded more than 100 years ago, it has been proven that water can be positively 'energized' using vibration techniques. Jiva Water Device is an example of a device that can restore life energy in any clean water and it becomes Jiva Water that closely resembles pristine waters found in natural sources.

Cell Hydration through water that’s Full of Life

A form of protein in our body plays the role of the water to our cells. The protein does a better job when it is transporting water that has natural life energy. Tests have established that presence of life energy in water leads to optimal cellular hydration and increases cell regeneration. With the body responding better to this form of water, one can feel more energy and strength and the body can also retain this energy for longer periods.


A quote goes, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” History is replete with trail-blazing scientists going through all these phases. People sticking their necks out on some of the unique properties of water have also gone through the same. Their place in the sun may not be too far away.

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