How Green is Your Balcony?

How Green is Your Balcony?

A lush, green balcony full of healthy plants doesn’t just serve an aesthetic purpose, it naturally lifts your spirits and makes you feel happy. Here’s something you may not be aware of – a ‘secret’ boost for your house plants – that will make them brighter, healthier than ever. Read on to know more.

Marigolds, roses, arrowhead vines, snake plants, bougainvillea, hyacinth and lush fragrant herbs… your dream balcony! You may be a loving plant-parent but there are times when despite your best efforts your plants simply don’t look healthy or bright enough. You have ruled out the obvious factors of too little or too much sunlight, good quality soil with organic manure, and sufficient water, but still your plants don’t seem to be thriving.

Here’s the question you need to ask: Is the water you use for the plants the best? No we do not mean you to use distilled water or RO water.

This is where Jiva Water comes in.

Water & Jiva Water

Water, in its natural state, is full of light energy or photons which is lost as it is harnessed through dark, dingy pipes and stagnant tanks to reach us in our homes. Your filtering devices will clear the water of germs but will not restore its life energy. This loss of energy is evident in the molecular structure of water that is delivered to urban homes when compared to that of ‘living water’ at its source as it gushes along mountains streams, free-flowing and absorbing the natural energies of the sun.

Living or ‘water that’s full of life’ has a direct implication on the well-being from the cellular level. So it is that you may notice that plants in your friend’s village home high in the Himalayan ranges, watered by waters close to the source are more lush and healthy than the ones in your balcony. Sure there are other factors at play but the role of water with life energy is significant and not well known.

You need to restore life energy in your water with Jiva Water Devices to help both you and your plants thrive and do better. How do you do that? Simply by passing your water through the device and the water that comes out will be Jiva Water – Full of Life!

Water run through the device undergoes a series of changes to restore life energy- neutralization of information, restoration of photoluminescence and bio-field, and encoding the natural vibrational vitality. This simple and yet highly sophisticated device requires minimal maintenance and needs no service or replacement of parts.

Today Jiva Water is being used in agriculture, dairy, poultry, and even medicine

For that Vibrant Balcony…

When plants are in a controlled environment like your balcony, they tend to get very dependent on you for everything. And this is on you, the plant parent, to understand and tend to them accordingly.

Show them some love, give them Jiva: Water that’s full of life!

Know more about the devices click here.

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