Sordid Journey of Water

Sordid Journey of Water

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Why are we talking about soil when the topic is on - what happened to our water! Read through fully..

Only 60 Years of Farming Left If Soil Degradation Continues - Read this article from Scientific American 

Water comes from its source; travels all across the earth; gets into miles of pipelines; gets filtered and cleaned with chemicals and so on, at large scale; then travels again through pipelines to our houses; and gets further filtered (mostly in apartments); then at home we again filter the water – because there are issues with pH and TDS! Ironically, we feel very refreshed when we bathe in a water fall, or drink from a Spring!

I’m sure, as you are reading this, something doesn’t seem right in the way we understand and use our water.  

Energy in water; the five elements of Nature; and how they work…
It’s all Quantum.

Ever heard of the term Panchikarana???

Pancikarana is a natural process followed by the five elements of Nature, where – each of the five elements, firstly divides itself into two halves, one of the halves is further divided into four parts; each of these parts combines itself with the other four elements.  Thus, each of the five gross elements consists of half of the itself and four fractions from each of the other four elements. Accordingly, each gross element has a five fold composition. Keeping Creation, Sustenance and Purging (Srishti, Stithi and Samhara) as the key, they continuously work to balance themselves energetically, trying to throw away all the toxins we (as a society are slugging it with all the time).  This goes on as a continuous unending process, without change or interruption.

Now let’s get back to where we left..
Water is great at its source; abundant with energy; all good to support life.

What about the soil? We continuously abuse our soil – discharging effluents, polluting chemically and so on.. The Panchikarana process automatically starts now! The water participates with the soil, to re-balance it. Lo and behold.. that’s a lot of extra work.. lot of extra energy spent! So, the water is now beginning to get depleted of its own energy. At a poor energy state, water begins to get contaminated! Cut paste, all that we discussed in the beginning….. the water is almost fully depleted of its energies now. Chaotic exchange of energies happen, between all the five elements; environment goes into tailspin!

This is the story of the water we use. Just Pure is not good enough!
Is it good enough if your lab report of your blood is alright but you are depressed? You still cannot perform efficiently, right?

Same is the case with water.  Just lab reports are not good enough.  It is important restore our water energetically, before using it.

Did we know something in the past that we’ve forgotten? Read what our vedas mentions about Water 
Written by:
Srinivasan Vitoba, Founder-Jiva Water


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This is a fantastic write up. Eye opening.

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