Water’s ill information and how it affects your health

Water’s ill information and how it affects your health

If you think proper hydration is the key to healthy living, you might want to take a pause and rethink, because the water you are drinking might be making you sick.

Water is commonly known to exist in 3 phases - solid, liquid and vapor. But scientists have discovered a fourth phase – a phase where water is at its most natural state. Research has revealed that water in its natural, pristine state can hold more energy while the water molecules can sustain its power to heal life. Water in its pristine and natural form thus exists by nature in the fourth phase of water

As research continued it was found that when water is harnessed through dark and dingy pipes, polluted by industrial wastes, treated with chemicals, and made to undergo all the abuses of humans, its pristine life energy gets depleted. Various ill information gets accumulated in water begins to exhibit high resistance to the flow of good energies. Unfortunately, this is the water we use at home.

Depleted life energy water in our kitchen

With the advancement of technology, the kitchen is flooded with different devices that promise clean potable water. But the fact that cleaning water through any new technology does not neutralize its memory is ignored. Purifiers, mostly work by killing harmful pathogens and in the process, strip the water of its Life Energy. The water’s energies are depleted, while considered pure. By using water with high levels of entropy, we are hindering optimal cell hydration which not only affects our body but also our mind.

How it affects health

The water we drink at our home is clean in the sense that it is devoid of suspended particles and pollutants that might be harmful to us, but it is still full of dull memories. During cell hydration, the molecular arrangement of this water makes it difficult for the cell membrane to absorb such water and remain dehydrated. This is the reason why some people feel lethargic and tired even after drinking enough water.

On the other hand, when such water is fed to the plants, they naturally give produce that is low in energy. Plants are more prone to diseases and pests. Such produce, be it organic or not, affects the optimal nutrition intake and the overall well-being of the person who consumes it.

How to reverse this?

The best and only solution is to restore water’s vital life energy and neutralizing information by passing it through Jiva Water Devices. Drinking Jiva Water can have many benefits. Here is a list of just a few of them:

  • Boost in immunity
  • Healthy hair and skin
  • Aids the digestive process
  • Improves blood circulation, etc.

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