Water's Shakti, Satvik, and Shoonya Elements

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    The dynamic force within water that empowers vitality and energy

  • Satvik

    The ability of water to provide a sense of balance and calmness that supports spiritual well-being

  • Shoonya

    The essence of emptiness or space within water, facilitating clarity and focus in spiritual pursuits

Jiva Water Devices awaken water's Shakti (life energy) by preserving its Satvik (balance) essence and offer a calm experience like Shoonya (nothingness)

Your body, the medium for spiritual practice, thrives on cellular health. 90% of your cells are composed of water; what you drink shapes who you are. Thereby, to elevate your spiritual well-being, drinking the right kind of water is of paramount importance.
Choose wisely.

  • How can the device bring back Shakti, Satvik and Shoonya in your water?

  • Science behind the device 

Backed by research, Jiva Water has shown to positively impact energy fields, increasing the energy field from 18% to 30%, improving focus and balance. It nourishes cells, aiding efficient exchange of information at the intercellular level.

Jiva Water Devices are based on nature’s quantum principles and are frequency encoded with bio-mineral encasings, and quantum pathways that neutralize information in water, restore photoluminescence, bio-field, and encode the water with its natural vibrational vitality.

Jiva Water's energy levels are similar to water found in pristine natural water sources.

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  • Life Energy in Natural Sources

  • Restores the photoluminescence and biofield energy

Life Energy thrives in untouched, natural water sources like mountain springs and pristine aquifers, where it is full of its nurturing information, energy, frequency and vibration. These exceptional natural sources of water hold the true abundance of life-giving properties. 

Water thrives on light, yet the harsh journey through dim, stagnant pipes can diminish its photoluminescence and biofield energy. Jiva Water Device, equipped with advanced photon trigger elements, revitalizes photoluminescence and biofield energy, ensuring your water remains vibrant and energized.

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