Clean water is


Water holds life nourishing energy in it. But, Water's journey from natural sources to our glass involves forceful, abused paths, resulting in depletion of its vital life energy.

Regular clean water quenches thirst at surface level. It does not hydrate cells sufficiently and this leads to health problems, fatigue and more..

You need Water Full of Life!

Water with Life Energy - Jiva Water truly hydrates our cells, nourishes and ensures a strong foundation for good health.

Jiva Water Device

Makes your Water Full of Life Energy

Jiva Water Devices are the first of its kind that brings back Life Energy in water.

When normal, clean water is passed through Jiva Water Device, the Life Energy is restored instantly in water.

Our devices are NOT water filters or water purifiers or bottled water

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Experience Health and Wellness Benefits

  • Increased Stamina

    Experience longer-lasting energy throughout the day.

  • Improved Concentration

    Enhance your focus and mental clarity.

  • High Productivity

    Achieve more in less time with increased efficiency.

  • Better Menstrual Health

    Enjoy improved well-being during your menstrual cycle.

  • Enhanced Virility

    Boost your reproductive health and vitality.

  • Deep Focus and Calmness

    Stay centered and composed even in challenging situations.

  • Good Nutrition Absorption

    Maximize the benefits of your dietary choices.

  • Brain-Heart Coherence

    Attain harmony between your mind and heart for better decision-making.

  • Balanced Chakras

    Promote overall energy balance and well-being.

  • Higher Energy

    Feel revitalized and energized throughout your day.

Jiva Water Devices - Inside and Outside

Cellular Level Benefits of Water with Life Energy

  • Optimal Cellular Hydration

    Jiva Water helps maintain the structural integrity of your cells, ensuring they function efficiently. With well-hydrated cells, you will explore your full human potential

  • Deep Cellular Detox

    Water with Life Energy is crucial for the thorough removal of toxins and impurities from within your cells, supporting them to operate at peak efficiency.

  • Enhanced Cell-to-Cell Communication

    Improves coordination and information exchange between cells, facilitating efficient and synchronized bodily functions

  • Increased Energy Levels

    Jiva Water is the best fuel for your cells and powers it up with the energy they need to keep you energetic throughout the day

  • Reinforced Cellular Resilience

    With water full of life, the cells’ are capable of enduring stressors, maintaining their structural integrity, and functioning optimally despite external or internal pressures.

Untold Secrets of Water

  • Life Energy

    Water has Life Energy in its natural sources and today, it is measurable.

  • Depletion

    Water takes a tough and rough journey to reach you which depletes its Life Energy

  • Impacts

    Water without Life Energy doesn't support effective cellular-level hydration

  • Health

    Jiva Water Devices restore Life Energy in water and strengthen your well-being.

What’s Life Energy in Water?

  • Life Energy in Natural Sources:

    Life Energy thrives in untouched, natural water sources like mountain springs and pristine aquifers, where it is full of its nurturing information, energy, frequency and vibration. These exceptional natural sources of water hold the true abundance of life-giving properties. 

  • Measurable Life Energy:

    Dr. Krishna measures Life Energy and shows some measurable parameters. Despite its non-linear nature, measuring Life Energy has become possible through advanced devices and scientific techniques. Dr. Krishna, founder of Jiva Water, is a renowned scientist and researcher specializing in the measurement of non-linear water parameters and their profound implications on human well-being.

  • Causes of Life Energy Depletion:

    The excruciating journey water embarks on, from its natural sources through contaminated terrains, extended and shadowy pipelines, stagnant storages and various purification processes, depletes the water of its Life Energy.

  • Water Without Life Energy:

    When Life energy is not sufficient in water, it is unable to effectively hydrate our cells which can lead to a cascade of health issues. Dehydrated cells struggle to perform essential functions, impacting our energy levels, metabolism, detox, and even cognitive abilities.

  • Benefits of Jiva Water Devices:

    ​​​​​Jiva Water Devices created by Dr. Krishna based on nature’s quantum principles are meticulously crafted to reintroduce Life Energy into water. Experience the remarkable advantages of drinking water that not only hydrates but also invigorates your cells and promotes holistic health. ​​

Life Energy is measurable

  • Life Energy

    Water's vitality is marked by its photoluminescence, bio-field energy, and vibrant information. This "life force" represents water's natural state and its ability to nourish and energize at a cellular level.

  • Bio-Photon Nanoscopic Imaging

    Dr. Krishna measures water's Life Energy using bio-photon nanoscopic imaging, revealing its photoluminescence, vibrational vitality, and bio-field energy in his studies

  • Strengthens Energy Centres

    Aligns and balances the body's chakras. Strengthens energy centers. These are proven within holistic health practices. Experience a greater sense of balance, clarity, and vitality

Process of Restoring Life Energy in Water
  • Dr.Krishna Madappa's 30+ years of research in water

    Dr. Krishna Madappa's extensive research, spanning over three decades, delves deep into the essence of water, combining spiritual insights with scientific understanding. Guided by ancient wisdom and contemporary science, he sought to restore water's life-affirming energy attributes. From this profound exploration emerged Jiva Water Devices, an innovation inspired by nature’s quantum principles to restore water to its purest, most vibrant state, echoing nature's intended vitality. 

  • Neutralises the chaotic information in water

    Over its long journey spanning thousands of kilometres and years, water can accumulate and retain negative environmental information. Jiva Water Device's bio-mineral encasings work to neutralize this detrimental information, ensuring your water is pure and free from any harmful influences.

  • Restores the photoluminescence and biofield energy

    Water thrives on light and, the harsh journey through dim, stagnant pipes can diminish its photoluminescence and biofield energy. Jiva Water Device, equipped with advanced photon trigger elements, revitalizes photoluminescence and biofield energy, ensuring your water remains vibrant and energized.

  • Encodes the natural vibrational vitality

    The arduous journey, purification procedures and treatment processes strip away water's innate vibrational vitality. With our device, water flows through the natural quantum pathways, encoding it with renewed vibrational vitality.

Video Series - Dr.Krishna, Scientist & Founder

Video Series - Jiva Water Experiences


Life Energy in Water & its restoration in our water

The concept of Life Energy in Water isn't new, but it remains one of water's untold secrets. It's the non-linear attribute of water that holds its life-nourishing, life-enhancing qualities.

Here are some commonly posed queries on this intriguing subject:

What is Water Full of Life?

"Water Full of Life" signifies water that is rich in Life Energy and closely resembles pristine waters found in natural sources.

What is Jiva Water?

When normal water is passed through Jiva Water Devices, it becomes Jiva Water. Jiva Water is full of Life Energy.

What is normal water?

Normal Water is the water we consume today. It may appear clean and meet the necessary standards for consumption. However, it is often depleted of Life Energy. Despite its cleanliness and adherence to
prescribed parameters, the vital Life Energy in this water is significantly depleted. It may be tap water, purified water, RO water, bottled water, etc.

What's wrong with my normal water?

Today, normal water lacks sufficient Life Energy due to its long and dark journey, enduring physical, chemical, and informational abuse before reaching our taps. Water craves light and a natural flow, but it often remains stagnant in pipelines or tanks without exposure to light. Even at home, it undergoes additional purification processes, further depleting its Life Energy. All these factors contribute to the
significant depletion of Life Energy in our water, compromising its natural vibrational vitality and
diminishing its photoluminescence and bio-field.

How is Jiva Water different from normal water?

Jiva Water is restored with Life Energy while normal water doesn't have sufficient Life Energy

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