Jiva Water Devices

awaken water's Shakti (life energy) by preserving its Satvik (balance) essence and offer a calm experience like Shoonya (nothingness)


    How can the device help?

    Backed by research, Jiva Water Device has shown to enhance the Shakti, Satvik & Shoonya elements in water. It can positively impact Energy Fields increasing it from 18% to 30%, improving Focus and Balance.

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    Science behind the device 

    Jiva Water Devices are based on nature’s quantum principles and are frequency encoded with bio-mineral encasings, and quantum pathways that neutralize information in water. Jiva Water's energy levels are similar to water found in pristine natural water sources.

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Observed Benefits

Users have experienced their spiritual practices getting better with

Your body, the medium for spiritual practice, thrives on cellular health. 90% of your cells are composed of water; what you drink shapes who you are. Thereby, to elevate your spiritual well-being, drinking the right kind of water is of paramount importance.
Choose wisely.

Impact Stories

It has been more than 10
months now and my mother is fully cured from her IBS problems.

Chandramukhi Radhakrishnan

Tasty and healthy – JIVA Water


I am more energetic now, thanks to Jiva Water Devices!

Bala Krishnan

Jiva Water in and Acidity out!

Supriyo Guha

Yami - my trusted travel partner

B K Subramanya Prasad

Jiva, can’t imagine a life without Jiva now

Krithika Prasad

No more migraine and gastric problems!

Syed Hajira

I feel well-hydrated. This is one of the most incredible pieces of technology I've used.

Dominic Volini

So, when will you switch to Jiva Water?

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