JIVA Water – The Living & Conscious Being

JIVA Water – The Living & Conscious Being

Nature in its wisdom provides water to nourish the body; it achieves this by retaining in the water the subtle energy required to optimally support life processes.

This enriched water from nature is usually stored and piped to homes for our consumption. The subtle forces dissipate due to the handling and 'cleaning' process that happens to both household water and for water that is supplied for agriculture

Jiva Water Devices restore Life Energy in any clean water. They work to neutralize information in water, restore photoluminescence and bio-field, and encode the natural vibrational vitality in water, retaining its natural life-sustaining qualities to enhance the quality and benefits of the water we consume.

Example of water restored with Life Energy after passing through Jiva device:

Further, water should have a laminar flow in the body for repair and building of tissues and organs. Turbulent flow could cause major health problems due to improper supply of nutrients and oxygen to the cells. JIVA, by re-introducing laminar flow, gives nutrients to reach every cell in the body.

Example of blood cells response after drinking 12 Oz. of Jiva Water:

This is also important in agriculture and the result of feeding JIVA water to plants is clearly seen in the enhanced texture, color and succulence of produce such as tomatoes, turmeric, and other vegetables.

Example featuring Turmeric (Curcuma longa):

Thus, through two vital ways Jiva bestows life supporting energy to water.

  • enhanced subtle energy and
  • laminar motion
The result of these two effects – results in enhanced yield, appearance of freshness and reduced water intake, in essence “soils to cells” are richly benefitted.


Written by :

Krishna Madappa, Ph.D, Founder, Jiva Water Devices

T M Srinivasan, Ph.D., Prof, Yoga & Physical Sciences S-VYASA Yoga University


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