Sowing the Seeds of Growth: Jayappa's Journey with Jiva Devices to Grow Bigger Watermelons

Sowing the Seeds of Growth: Jayappa's Journey with Jiva Devices to Grow Bigger Watermelons

About Vipasa

About the device - Jiva Water, with its unique properties, has been found to enhance the absorption of nutrients by plants, leading to improved crop growth and yield. It can improve soil quality, water uptake, and nutrient distribution, resulting in better plant health. Based on nature’s quantum principles, Jiva Water Devices offer significant benefits to farmers by enhancing water's natural life sustaining qualities, promoting soil health, and reducing the need for chemical fertilizers. Studies have shown that Jiva Water can increase crop yield, making it an effective and eco-friendly choice for irrigation.

Water is the lifeblood of agriculture, and any farmer would agree
that good quality water is essential for a healthy crop.
But what happens when the water we have access to
is depleted of its natural energy?

Fed with Jiva Water

With the device he noticed a significant improvement in our crops. The crops grown among the 20 rows using the Jiva device are healthier and yield better results. The watermelons grown with the Jiva Device weighed between 4-5 kilos

Fed with Normal Water

The crops grown without the Jiva Water Device were not as healthy as he wanted them to be. Each watermelon weighed only about 1-2 kilos. Similarly, he received a lower yield of chillies before using the device.Benefits

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Healthier Crops: 
The crops grown with Jiva Water were visibly healthier than those without it. The number and length of roots on the chili plants also increased significantly.
Improved Fragrance:
The marigold flowers grown in the plot with Jiva Water Devices had a noticeable improvement in fragrance.
Better Soil Quality:
The Jiva Water Device helped maintain the quality of the soil, ensuring that it remains fertile and healthy for the crops.



Sri Jayappa was impressed with the results he achieved using Jiva Water Devices. He found that he was able to recoup his investment of ₹18,880 in just one season, with a 35% increase in yield. He also noted that the crops grown with Jiva Water had better taste, texture, and aroma. Sri Jayappa recommends Jiva Water Devices to other farmers looking to improve the quality and yield of their crops while maintaining healthy soil.

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