Jiva Water Partner Programs

Everyone needs to know that drinking water with Life Energy is a must for good health

Let's join together to create a movement to know water, learn water, respect water.

Our Partner Programs are created for personal growth, meaningful connections and the power to make a positive impact in the lives of those around you along with a potential for earnings. Join the Jiva Water movement!

  • Ambassador Program

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    Inspire others and earn while promoting the benefits of Jiva Water Devices.

  • Influencer Program

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    Your online and offline influence can now bring in the positive change

  • Business Affiliate

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    Leverage business and professional connects to support Jiva water choices.

  • Zonal Ambassador

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    With specific focus on Agri community, let's make soil & produce better & profitable

  • Partner Onboarding Procedure

    The first step is to register your details in the Application Form. Jiva Partner Program Team will evaluate your application, reach out to you on call, email or Whatsapp to have few discussions.

    Based on the evaluations, you will be assigned a specific Partner program segment and be onboarded as a Partner. This entire process might take 2-3 weeks from the day you send us your application form.    

  • Earning Potential for Partners

    Every Partner earns a specific amount for every Jiva Water Device sold through their Partner Program codes or links that can be attributed on the website. Incomes for each segment of the Partner Program vary with some making a few thousands and some making six figures.

    Partner income depends on how much influence the partner has, the partner’s reach, and how much time is invested in marketing Jiva Water Devices.