Why the name Yami?

In ancient India, the Yamuna river was called Yami. It was purest source of water available to man, and drinking from it was considered nothing less than drinking elixir. This was because of the energy of the water.
Yami restores water to its natural state, and energizes the water. It is nothing less than drinking from the purest source of water. This is why we have named our device Yami.




I am more energetic now, thanks to Jiva Water Devices!

Bala Krishnan

Jiva Water in and Acidity out!

Supriyo Guha

Yami - my trusted travel partner

B K Subramanya Prasad

It has been more than 10
months now and my mother is fully cured from her IBS problems.

Chandramukhi Radhakrishnan

Tasty and healthy – JIVA Water


Jiva, can’t imagine a life without Jiva now

Krithika Prasad

No more migraine and gastric problems!

Syed Hajira

I feel well-hydrated. This is one of the most incredible pieces of technology I've used.

Dominic Volini

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How long can the device be used?

The device can work effectively for up to 10 years if it remains undamaged and maintained as specified.

Is there a need to recharge the product?

There is no need to recharge the product as it does not operate on batteries or any other power source.

Do I need to pay extra for recharging the product? 

There is no recharge needed. Only regular simple maintenance of the device is required for the handheld device Yami that’s used for drinking water.

How do I know when the effect of the product has worn out? 

The device utilizes frequency encoding technology, allowing it to function indefinitely. But, to ensure optimal performance quality, we recommend purchasing a new device every 10 years.

What should I do with the product after its effects have worn out? Do I need to buy a new one?

To maintain the benefits of Jiva Water beyond our 10-year guarantee, we recommend placing a new Yami order after this period. This ensures you continue to enjoy the optimal performance and quality of our product.

Can I pass only room-temperature water through the product, or can I use cold and hot water as well?

You can pass room temperature and cold water through the device. However, it is strictly advised not to pass hot water through it.

If I can use hot water, how hot can it be? Can I pass boiling hot water through it?

We recommend only passing cold water or room temperature water through the device. It is not suitable to use with hot/boiling hot water. If you wish to have hot water, it'sadvised to pass normal water through the device first, then boil it separately.