Transforming Lives through Jiva Water Devices 

At the heart of Jiva Water Devices lies an unwavering vision - to establish Jiva Water as the global standard for water.

We're on a mission to provide products and services that guarantee every living being on this planet, from humans to animals, plants, and the very soil beneath our feet, has unfettered access to Jiva Water restored with Life Energy.

This mission drives our relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation as we strive to make the revitalizing power of Jiva Water a ubiquitous presence across the globe.

  • Dr. Krishna Madappa

Dr. Krishna Madappa is a distinguished scientist with a strong background in engineering. Over a span of 30+ years, his research has been dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of water, blending scientific exploration with spiritual understanding. His journey began with a profound curiosity about water's enigmatic nature and its significance, both scientifically and spiritually. 

Krishna's research has delved deep into the multifaceted characteristics of water, drawing insights from ancient wisdom and indigenous traditions. His work strives to restore water's intrinsic life force, considering it the connective thread of civilizations, bridging generations and geographies. His dedication to water's well-being is embodied in JIVA Water Devices, which seek to restore our waters, enriching the vitality of humanity itself. 

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  • Srinivasan Vitoba 

Srinivasan Vitoba, a renowned Industrialist, has played diverse roles in his career. He began by founding SJS Enterprises, a local garage that transformed into a global automotive OEM supplier. Beyond the industry and corporate realms, he's held positions such as the Regional President of South India and former Chairman of Karnataka for the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce. 

Driven by the desire to support promising startups to achieve global success, Srinivasan has transitioned into a mentor and investor. He is devoted to nurturing India's brightest minds and giving back to the community.  

His current mission is aligned with Dr. Krishna's vision, aiming to rejuvenate water, soil, and the environment with far-reaching benefits. Srinivasan envisions Jiva Water as the future standard for water, emphasizing its potential to make a positive global social impact. 

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