Beyond Food: The Vital Importance of Prana-Rich Water

Beyond Food: The Vital Importance of Prana-Rich Water

It’s good that we are now invested in Prana-Rich Food – But what about Prana-Rich Water?

In our quest for better health and well-being, many of us have turned our attention to Prana-Rich Foods.

We carefully select fresh, organic produce, ensuring that what we consume is bursting with ‘Life Force Energy’. This focus on Prana in our diets is commendable, as it plays a vital role in nourishing our bodies and minds. However, there's an essential aspect of our daily intake that often goes overlooked: Water.

Just as we seek Prana-Rich Food, we should also be conscious of Prana-Rich Water.

Understanding Prana

Prana, the Sanskrit word for Life Force or Vital Energy, is a concept deeply rooted in ancient Indian traditions. It is believed to be the energy that flows through all living things, providing them with vitality and health.

While modern science recognizes the physical and chemical properties of water, it is yet to fully explore and validate the concept of Prana. Nonetheless, those who understand and believe in Prana know its profound impact on overall well-being.

The State of Our Water

In today's world, the water we drink has lost much of its Prana. Various factors contribute to this depletion:
  • Long-Distance Travel of Water: The journey water takes from its source to our taps strips it of its Prana.
  • Over-Stagnation: Water sitting in pipes or storage tanks for extended periods loses its natural vitality.
  • Excessive Processing: The treatments and processes designed to purify water is also eliminating the essential Life Force from the water.
  • Over-Purification: While purification is absolutely necessary for safety, extensive purification is leaving behind water that is devoid of its natural energy.

While these processes certainly ensures the water is clean and safe, but what it leaves behind is water that is lacking in Prana, the life-energy, and this is diminishing its ability to truly nourish our bodies.

The Importance of Prana-Rich Water

Just as Prana-Rich food is crucial for our health, Prana-Rich Water is equally important.

Our bodies consist of almost 70% water, and this water is essential for every bodily function. When we drink water rich in Life Energy, the benefits are multi-fold.

  • Enhanced Cellular Function: Prana-Rich Water can improve the efficiency of cellular processes, leading to overall better health.
  • Improved Energy Levels: The Life Force Energy in water can increase our vitality, making us feel more energetic and alive.
  • Effective Detoxification: Water with high Prana content aids in more effective detoxification, helping remove toxins from our bodies.
  • Amplified Emotional Well-Being: Prana-Rich Water can also impact our mental and emotional state, contributing to a more balanced and peaceful mind.

How to Restore Prana in Water

Understanding the importance of Prana in water and steps to be adopted to restore and maintain it.

Jiva Water Devices are the simplest, fastest and easiest way to bring back the Life-Energy in your water. Look for details here . Invest in Jiva Yami – the hand-held device to restore life energy in drinking water – anywhere, anytime.

“While we are rightfully obsessed with Prana-Rich Food, it's time to extend this awareness to our water as well”.

Recognizing the importance of Prana in water and taking steps to restore it can have a profound impact on our health and well-being.

“Don't wait for mainstream science to catch up”

Trust in the wisdom of Prana and make the conscious choice to incorporate Prana-Rich Water into your daily life. Experience the transformative benefits of water that truly nourishes, energizes, and supports you in every way.

Written By: Krithika Prasad

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