JIVA Water in and Acidity out!

I was in Delhi for 16 years as a bachelor, consuming spicy street side food and that too at odd hours was a regular affair for me. Needless to say, I slowly developed severe acidity problems. Being in the Advertising and Communication business, with frequent travels and an erratic lifestyle, street food was a part of my life.

After joining 4th Phase, I was introduced to Jiva Water. Initially, I was not very convinced about its benefits. Honestly, I could not make any difference in the beginning. But slowly I could notice a change- my acidity problem was almost gone!. This encouraged me use Jiva Water Devices regularly.

You see, we use different software regularly to ease our lives. Most of us don’t even know how they work or are developed. But we use it since we are getting benefitted by it. It’s the same with Jiva Water Devices. You may not know the technology behind it but surely you will notice a positive change after few days of consuming it regularly. It’s like a software that reorients your system in a positive way.

Supriyo Guha, Marketing Operations, Jiva Water