Kotresh Thata

Dear Friends,
I would like to share with you all a very special testimonial taken today.
This farmer is a retired Govt official who took to farming a couple of years ago as his retirement endeavour and a very big influencer in his area. He is a stickler for time, discipline and believes in the motto that there is nothing greater than a Man’s word.

Earlier I had shared how in the first meeting he looked down upon us as a mere salesman than later after two meeting he gave us a opportunity to install JIVA in his farm around 3 months ago. Which is 20 acres of supari farm and Initially 3.5 acres of JIVA.

Now the results in short sentences

1) from Bering looked down, he called us to his temple annual meeting as chief guests and made us speak about water two months ago.

2) without our knowledge the labour has converted the entire farm into JIVA

3) his farm manager has given us amazing feed back about everything from the soil to the leaves but what stood out was the following

  • Increased SHADE in the farm now due to broader and more leaves in a already majorly grown trees
  • Complete change of colour of majority of the leaves from red/yellow to lush green

4) now the big one - very very rarely they grow chilli’s in this area but they tried it as a cross plantation and they have succeeded very very well.  The plans are as good as what we have seen in Ballari.

This gentleman is old school, hardly speaks but now he has shot a 5 minute testimonial in Kannada wherein he speaks about everything we are trying to do and he acknowledges it all.
Requesting for subtitling of the video for benefit of all.
Also his farm contractor has shot a video.

Chilli’s in this belt is unheard or a very rare site

Jiva makes it possible .

Farmer name - kotreshthata
Land size - 20 acres
Water - borewell
Delivery - Drip
Device - VIPASA
Qty - 1

“ he says it’s a false notion that we all have which is fertiliser and spraying only lead to good yield but now after JIVA I realised water plays a very important role”