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Yami Tap Sling

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Yami Tap Sling is a compact and versatile tap accessory designed to provide convenient access to your Jiva Water directly from your purified water source like purifier taps or water storage container taps.

The Tap Sling has the hook feature that lets you to hang it on most of the commonly fitted taps on the Water Storage Containers, Bubble Top Containers, Purifier Taps, etc.,

Yami Tap Sling has 3 main components & comes fully assembled

  1. Premium Grade Stainless Steel - Main frame hook - 1 pc
  2. Removable Silicone Padding on the hook - 1 pc
  3. Moveable Steel Ring Holder with Silicone Padding - 1 pc
  4. Allen key Included - if you need to move the position of the Yami Ring holder on the Steel Main hook

With its moveable Yami Ring Holder and convenient hook feature, this Yami Tap Sling offers a secure and customizable solution for holding the Yami Device, ensuring a seamless flow of fresh Jiva Water enhanced with life energy, every time you fill your bottle or glass of water.


1. This Yami Tap Sling is not meant to be used for bathroom, kitchen taps and similar. 

2. To prevent the water containers from tipping over due to the weight of Yami & Tap Sling, make sure there's more water in the containers. 


  1. Slip out the silicone pad 
  2. Place the hook on the tap, you may need to turn it horizontally to slide through the tap as needed, to hang the Yami Tap Sling’s hook
  3. Place the silicone pad back
  4. Firmly place your Yami into the ring of the adjustable slider
  5. According to the need, adjust the slider & position the Yami to ensure the water from the tap is funneled into Yami without water spilling out. 
  6. The movement of the ring slider can be loosened or tightened with the use of the Allen key provided in the package

Now, pass your purified water through elegant Yami & you’re all set.

  • Weight : 158gms 
  • Material: Premium Grade Surgical Stainless Steel (SS 316L) 
  • Dimensions: 
    • Hook Height: 100 mm 
  • Steel Ring Holder: 95mm (L) X 75mm (W) 
  • Product Care: 

    Detailed Care Instructions are given in the booklet that comes with the package 

  • Country of Origin: India
  • Manufacturer & Packer for Jiva Water Devices, 4th Phase Water Technologies: Searock Precision Products Pvt Ltd., 27C, Phase 1, Kumbalagodu, Bangalore-560074, Karnataka, India
  • 1 x Tap Sling
  • 1 x Allen key 
  • 1x Booklet  


Yami Tap Sling
Yami Tap Sling
Yami Tap Sling
Yami Tap Sling
Yami Tap Sling
Yami Tap Sling Yami Tap Sling

Application and Benefits

Why Jiva Water Device?

  • Life Energy is Science

    Water isn't just H2O; its vitality and essence have been acknowledged in ancient wisdom and now, modern science.

  • Restore Life Energy Instantly

    Instant Restoration of Life Energy in Water. Our device ensures that water regains its life energy immediatelyupon passing through.

  • Backed by 30+ years of Research

    Trust in the experience. Jiva is the culmination of 30+ years of dedicated research, ensuring quality and reliability.

The Science

What's the problem with the clean water consumed?

Water, nature's conduit for Life Energy, fuels our cells. But today, as it's dragged from its natural course—through compacted soils, over long distances, and stagnant pipelines—water undergoes informational, physical, and chemical trauma.

These journeys, combined with modern purification techniques and prolonged storage in plastics, strip water of its Life Energy. While we might purify it physically, we are unknowingly consuming energy-depleted water.

This results in chaotic water information, diminished photoluminescence, a reduction in its bio-field energy, and the loss of its intrinsic vibrational vitality.

Dr.Krishna's Research

Our Jiva Water Founder Dr. Krishna's research, spanning decades, delves deep into water's hidden vibrational essence. Collaborating with luminaries like Dr. Masaru Emoto and Dr. Mae Won Ho, he used bio-photon nanoscopic imaging to reveal water's life energy dynamics.

His work shows the world the adverse effects of water's tumultuous journey and treatments, paving the way for a revolutionary understanding of water.

How does the device restore Life Energy?

How does the device restore Life Energy? 

The Jiva Water Device is designed based on principles that tap into the natural resonance and vibrational frequencies of water. By channeling water through the device, that mimics nature’s flow, it is exposed to a specific environment or material that resonates at these frequencies, thereby restoring or enhancing its inherent life energy.  

This is grounded in Dr. Krishna's extensive research and understanding of water's linear properties and its non-linear properties.  

What's in the device that restores Life Energy?

The Jiva Water Device, inspired by Nature's Quantum Principles, harnesses cutting-edge technology to rejuvenate water's life energy in mere attoseconds. Its frequency-encoded design features bio-mineral encasings that counteract chaotic water information through energy imprints.

Additionally, its water tunnelling pathways replicate water's natural flow, reviving its intrinsic vibrational vitality. Further amplifying this process, a deep photon triggering element enhances water's photoluminescence.

Based on 77 reviews
Silicon Plugs - Yami Accessory
Chandramukhi Radhakrishnan

The silicon plugs are very useful



Dock - Yami Accessory
Mani Sundaramurthy
This is my second purchase

In Feb 2024, I bought the first one. Now in Jun 2nd one.
Seems to be good and feel fresh and energetic after having the water through Jiva YAMI.

How to tell about the visible difference - I do not know..

Pat Kerr
JIVA Water

We're using the device

Yami + Funnel
Not sure if its effective

How can I gain confidence in the product? Feedback is very important to all

Yami + All Accessories - Yami Accessories Combo

YAMÏ + VIPASA - Deserves a Design elegance award!

Form & function blended by the world renowned product designer
Outstanding & reliable performance.....transforming water to new highs.
Got to experience ! ⚡️

JIVA - A must device for Every family to have healthier Life

I have been using the JIVA device for drinking water and for watering the plants. Results very good and pleasing
Quality and quantity of flowers in the plants are very much raised

As for the Drinking water ...

Its taste is good and unique. I feel like water is more denser.
A glass of water fills the stomach at a go. JIVA water helps to detox the body.

Thank you Team for the Elite JIVA Device. We are part of Elite JIVA Family.

Design Elegance - Michelin Class Performance

This is my 5th VIPASA purchase. 👌
Between the minimized calcification to the soft silky waters for our home, the soils, flower gardens, fruit orchards, veg gardens to vin yards are all thriving.

Ameeta Patel

I have usd the Yami for about 10 days. I felt more energetic and felt that certain aches and pains were reducing . I kind of thought my deteriorating vision is improving...but my sleep pattern has go disturbed. Now it takes me a long time to fall asleep.
so it is too soon to give a feed back or asses if I am benefitted by the use of Jiwa water

Practical Solutioning - Apartment Shower Heads to Outdoor Garden Hose attachments!

A simple, elegant adaptation to bathe in silky smooth energy rich water to providing the same to your kitchen garden / rooftop garden. Also for topping up pool water. Brilliant! Vivä lä JIVÄ

Energised water NOW!

Sweet and easily drinkable Jiva water is a great way to ensure energised water is always available! The Yami model is beautiful and a pleasure to use as well.

Harshi Mehta

Visible changes in my body ...

Excellent Design

Without Yami Vessel mount, it would be difficult to use the Yami / Jiva water device.

Yami - Funnel
Great accessory

Great accessory

Love the product

Makes using Yami so easy. Perfect fit and finish

Shree Phadnis


Yami & Vipasa

Dear Jeeva team
We are very happy and satisfied with our Yami and Vipasa purchase. Thanks

Yami Vessel Mount
Sujata Pola
Very useful

Easily I can fill my pot with Jiva water without holding Yami in hand .

Yami - Funnel
Chandramukhi Radhakrishnan
Most useful

Helps to not spill water

Tapan Patel
Stay hydrated with kinetic energy..

The construction of `Yami is similar to that of a turbine. Flowing water's kinetic energy is regenerated. Highly recommended for every household.

Suhas S
Yami my fitness buddy

I've been using Jiva water from past 2 to 3 months and I'm able to see changes in my fitness journey, my muscle recovery rate has improved very well and I can feel the difference now.

Not only me but also I'm giving Jiva water to my pets and I'm able to see great changes in their fur quality, hair shedding and their overall health.

Excellent Product

Im using the product for 15 days. I can feel the difference in my health. The leg pain has gone. My skin problem has been healing quickly.
Drinking the water feels fresh & light.

Beautiful product

Amazing product and what a fantastic feel to drink water from Jiva water

Girish Yadav
Marvelous product

People those who are conscious about water energy, it's a great blessing.

It energis the weter to a great extend, you acn feel the chage in first sip itself.