Here is why your acidity is unsettled

Clean drinking water loses its essential energy while travelling and purification. This decreases the Life Energy in our water, robbing us of vital hydration. When the cells aren’t hydrated well, digestion takes a hit, aggravating acidity and heartburn.

This is how Jiva Water helps

When tested for their bio-photon energy levels (Life Energy) in water, these are the results.

Jiva Water Devices restores the Life Energy in water. This enhances your hydration at a cellular level thus helping break down food effectively aiding in digestion and relieving acidity.

Listen to Jiva Users


After consistently drinking Jiva Water I noticed - my acidity problem was almost gone! This encouraged me to use Jiva Water Devices regularly.

I was tired of my Acidity Symptoms, finally found a game changer!

Supriyo Guha

Ever since I started using Jiva Water Device – Yami, my gastric problem has considerably reduced, and I feel much lighter. Now though my food habits are the same as earlier, I don't feel sluggish or uncomfortable all the time. And the most exciting thing, I also seem to be able to sit and work for much longer hours.

Chakali Surendra

In short, today, I am happily and comfortably able to eat one plate of biryani after I started drinking jiva water.
Earlier I used to feel tired and stomach heavy due to acidity, but now I am energetic and back on my feet. I have reduced stomach bloating and am able to digest protein well too.

Pashupathi Nath

My sister bought Yami for our mother's IBS, and it's been incredible. Mom can now enjoy spicy food without any ulcers or IBS symptoms. Witnessing this change, I decided to try it myself. Since then, my acid reflux has completely disappeared, and I no longer experience skin rashes or itchiness from spicy Indian dishes. It's truly made a significant difference in both our lives, and we wish we had discovered it sooner.


Benefits of Water with Life Energy for Acidity

Reduces Acid Reflux 

Reduces Acid Reflux

Water restored with Life Energy, helps in nutrient absorption and aids in transporting food from the stomach to the small intestine reducing acid reflux.

Relieves Bloating

Relieves Bloating

Drinking water filled with Life Energy can help flush out excess sodium and toxins in the body, that contribute to bloating.

Improves Digestion 

Improves Digestion

When you drink water with Life Energy it helps break down the food and helps in nutrient absorption at a cellular level.


How will using Yami help with reducing my acidity?

When you pour your normal clean drinking water through Yami, it restores the Life Energy in water, making it Jiva Water. Jiva Water helps in better cellular hydration and helps in maintaining pH levels of your body, which in turnhelps break down food effectively aiding in digestion and relieving acidity.

How to use Yami? 

Just pour your clean drinking water through the inlet of the device, and water with Life Energy flows out instantly.

How is Jiva Water different from normal water? 

Jiva Water is restored with Life Energy while normal water is depleted of Life Energy