Hidden power of water

I'm one of the Founders of JIVA, but would still like to take the liberty to give my testimonial here. I promise you that it is completely without bias.

I have a slightly balding patch at the back of my head. My wife tells me that she has been seeing hair growth in that area and that it's getting blacker (she's the one who gives me a head massage and hence knows best). This has happened with the continuous use of JIVA Water.

I have also observed that my excretory mechanism seems to be better, and I feel like the toxins are getting washed out properly.

This observation is purely based on the frequency and overall feeling I have. Having seen the results on people, plants, animals, and even the soil - I do not want to use any water that has not gone through a JIVA device.ย 

I've almost fitted close to 15 Shubhras, across various properties that my family and I own. I do not drink commercially sold bottled water anymore, and carry my Yami device wherever I go.

Bangalore, India