Why waterfall refresh us, while we don't have the same effect at home? 

As water flows down the waterfall, it picks up lots of fresh oxygen. This water, rich in oxygen, enhances your experience and makes you feel revitalized.

Why is Theertham considered pristine and godly, while the water at home is normal?

The chanting of mantras and slogans infuse the water with meaning and intention, elevating it beyond its physical properties.

This practice emphasizes the power of mindfulness and belief, including the way we experience water. 

Whether its a natural waterfall or the transformative touch of ritualistic water, remember that water holds immense power, both physical and emotional. 

Water has memory and Life-Energy 

But is the water at home full of life-energy and good memories?

The water that reaches our home is depleted from its natural energy, as it travels through long, and dark pipelines.

Water also goes through a tough purification process before reaching us, imagine the kind of memory it could hold.

This could be the reason behind you feeling tired and distracted.  

How does Jiva Water Devices solve the problem

Jiva Water devices use advanced vortex technology inspired by the natural flow of water to restore Life energy. By restoring this Life Energy, the water’s memory is neutralized.

By neutralizing this memory, the Life-Energy in water gets restored.

How to use Jiva Water Devices

Simply pass your clean water through the inlet of the device, to restore the Life Energy in your water.

When you drink water filled with Life Energy, it provides you with optimal cellular hydration and enhances your functions helping you live Full of Life.

What changed for people who use Jiva Water?

  • Improved Concentration 

  • Improved Calmness

  • Higher Energy levels 

  • Reduced stress and anxiety 

  • Improved Brain Heart coherence

  • jiva-water-devices

    Increased Nutrition absorbtion

  • Improved Immune system

  • jiva-water-devices

    Improved Gut Health

*user observed benefits

Make a conscious decision with your water, today

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