Stay Hydrated!

Not just constipation, other pregnancy symptoms like digestion issues, nausea, fatigue, cramps, urinary tract infections, mood swings, and muscle pain can make daily life challenging. Fortunately, these symptoms can be eased with proper hydration.

But is your clean drinking water properly hydrating you?

Not really.


What’s missing in your water?

Our clean drinking water have lost some of its essential energy due to over-purification and travelling through dark pipelines. When this Life Energy is not sufficient in water, it is unable to effectively hydrate our cells struggling to perform essential functions.

Jiva Water Devices restore Life Energy in Water, that enhances cellular hydration. This, in turn, helps better cell-to-cell communication, allowing your body to function more effectively.

You did everything to become a perfect parent, but have you considered the quality of your drinking water?

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Yami- Jiva Water Device is an investment for your baby and you!

As a mother you are now responsible for two. It is important to hydrate with the right water filled with Life Energy, with Jiva Water Devices.

The right water not only supports the mother's health but also nurtures the baby's development, strengthening their immune system right from the womb.

Make sure to pass your water through Yami, before you drink the next glass of water