Refund Policy

4th Phase Water Technologies Private Limited’s (the “Company”) refund and replacement policy is as detailed below:

A. Product Cancellation, Refund or Exchange:

  1. The Company believes in ensuring that its customers (“Customer(s)”) can fully utilize the benefits of the Jiva water devices (“Product(s)”) and hence delivers the best quality Products.
  2. However, if there is a manufacturing defect in the Product, the Company will replace the Product free of charge (“FOC”) to the Customer.
  3. Cancellation of a Product may be done by a Customer prior to initiating payment for the same on the Company’s website (“Website”).
  4. Once an order is placed, the Company is not in a position to offer any refund or exchange for a Product.

 B. Proof of Product Damage:

  1. The Customer is advised to video-graph the unboxing of the delivered Product using a mobile phone or video camera.
  2. Upon unboxing, if the Customer finds that the Product is defective, they must forward the recorded video to the Company’s customer support team (“CST”) as evidence of the defective Product.
  3. The CST will assess the video and reach out to the Customer for further clarification, if any.
  4. If the package of the Product is tampered prior to video-graphing the unboxing process, such Product will not qualify for replacement.
  5. In the event a Customer fails to video-graph the unboxing process and notices a defect in the Product, the Customer may immediately video-graph the defect in the Product and contact the Company’s CST. The CST will evaluate the defect and communicate with the Customer. This facility is offered only to address a genuine issue faced by a Customer. However, acceptance of a complaint without a video of the unboxing process is at the Company’s sole discretion.

 C. Procedure for Product Replacement:

  1. Upon receipt of a defective Product, the Customer must file a complaint on the Website with the unboxing video, customer details, invoice number and shipping details within 48 hours of receipt of Product.
  2. After acknowledging the complaint, the Customer will receive details of the place/location to which the defective Product must be shipped.
  3. The Customer must ship/courier the Product to the notified place/location within 7 days of filing the complaint and share the shipping/courier tracking details with the Company.
  4. The cost of packing and couriering/shipping the Product to the notified place/location must be borne by the Customer.
  5. After receipt of the Product, the Company will assess the defect and communicate the eligibility for replacement to the Customer within 7 to 15 working days (“Evaluation Period”).
  6. The status of replacement request, i.e., acceptance or rejection of replacement request will be updated to the Customer via. email/text message.
  7. The Company will endeavour to repair or correct the defect and ship it to the Customer. If the Customer is eligible for a replacement, a new FOC invoice will be generated, and the replaced Product will be shipped to the Customer.
  8. Customer must note that the replacement Product will be the same as the original Product.

 D. Product Warranty:

  1. The Company offers a limited 7 days warranty for the Product, which begins from the date of delivery of the Product.
  2. This warranty is limited to repair of defect or correction of deficiency, if any, in the Product or for replacement of the Product in the event its repair or correction is unfeasible.

 E. Liability of the Company:

  1. The Company’s liability is only to the extent of FOC replacement of the Product.
  2. The Company is not liable for any indirect, consequential, or other forms of losses which is caused to the Customer on account of the defective Product, even if the Company was notified of such loss by the Customer.

 F. Contact Information:

In case of any feedback, complaint or grievance, the Customer may reach out to the Company’s CST at: (Email).

 G. Delivery Address for Product Replacement:

The address for shipping the defective Product to the Company is: 4th Phase Water Technologies, India Ware House, No. B44 Kumbalagodu Industrial Estate, Mysore Road, Bengaluru – 560074.