Science with water

I am in my 3rd year of B-tech. I have always enjoyed topics on Computers, Quantum physics, Energetics, the Creation of microcosm and macrocosm, the 5 elements, and so on. Name it, and I was interested. So, when I got to know about JIVA Water from my mother, and their easy-to-use home device called Yami, I was super excited to try it out.

And GOSH! it honestly blew my mind! It is refreshing, soothing and very calming. I now carry my JIVA Water handheld device Yami everywhere I go. When all the trauma of water, can be removed and so much positive information can be passed through water to my body and mind, why will I continue drinking normal water? I am a proud JIVA Water convert. And I have already recommended it to my family and friends.

Bangalore, India