Shipping Policy

4th Phase Water Technologies Private Limited’s (“Company”) shipping and delivery policy is as detailed below:

A. Product Packaging and Delivery:

  1. The Company believes that it is of utmost importance for its Jiva water devices (“Product”) to reach customer safely and without any transit damage. For this reason, the Product is carefully packed with filler materials and strong packaging designed by experts to handle even rough transit handling to ensure the Product reaches the customer/s (“Customer”) in original condition.
  2. The Product will be shipped through third-party delivery service providers (“Delivery Partner(s)”). The Company has partnered with Delivery Partners on behalf of the Customer to enable shipment and secure delivery.

 B. Shipping/Delivery Charges:

  1. The cost of shipping the Product, i.e., the shipping charge must be borne by the Customer.
  2. The estimated/approximate shipping charge of the Product will be determined by the Delivery Partner based on various factors (such as weight of the Product with its packaging, size of the package, volumetric weight of the package, geographical location, distance from the Company’s warehouse, ease of accessibility, Goods and Services Tax, and other applicable taxes etc.) with the help of algorithms.
  3. At times, the Company may, at its sole discretion, ship the Product at no charge or at reduced charge.
  4. The shipping charge of the Product will be visible to the Customer on the checkout page of the Company’s website (“Website”).
  5. The payment of shipping charges must be made via the payment gateway along with the total cost of the Product.
  6. For deliveries outside India, the shipping charges will comprise the shipping/airfreight cost and any handling charges incurred by the Company or Delivery Partner.
  7. Any customs duty levied on the Product at the port of entry must be borne by the Customer.

 C. Delivery Timelines:

  1. The Product will be handed over to the Delivery Partner within 3 to 5 working days post payment and successful placing of order on the Website. The timeline for delivery of the Product is dependent on various factors impacting the Delivery Partner.
  2. The Company will co-ordinate with the Delivery Partner to ensure the Product is delivered within the estimated delivery timeline. However, the Company assumes no responsibility for any delayed deliveries.
  3. In the case of a delay in delivery, the Customer may email the Company at the contact information provided below.

 D. Order Tracking and Verification:

  1. Customer can track their order, payment, and delivery status with the help of updates they will receive via email or SMS or if feasible, by other communication modes provided by the Customer.
  2. Post handing of Product to the Delivery Partner, Customer will receive a tracking link via email/SMS. In case the Customer does not receive the tracking link post 5 working days, they may communicate the same to the Company through the contact details provided below.
  3. To ensure the Product is delivered to the correct Customer, at the time of delivery of the Product, a One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to the Customer’s registered mobile number (with the Company) for the purpose of verification.

 E. Two or More Products:

  1. If a Customer orders two (2) or more Products or two (2) or more pieces of the same Product, the Company will determine the number of packages through which the order requires to be fulfilled based on factors such as weight allowance and geographical restrictions on delivery.
  2. If the Products are shipped as multiple deliveries, the total cost of shipping will be pre-determined at the checkout page and notified to the Customer.

 F. Out of Stock Orders:

  1. When a Product is not in stock, the Company may allow Customers to pre-order the Product. If Customer choose to pre-order the Product, they must make full payment towards the price of the Product.
  2. Customer who pre-orders will be placed on a priority list and their orders will be fulfilled as soon as the Products are back in stock.
  3. Customer will be notified via email/SMS as soon as the Product ordered is back in stock and ready for shipment.
  4. If the price of a Product increases in this duration, the difference in the original price and the increased price must be paid by the Customer. Customer will be notified of the price increase and balance amount that must be paid via email/SMS. The Product will be shipped post payment of the balance amount.

 G. Delivery Limitations:

  1. If a Product cannot be delivered to the Customer due to geographical limitations or logistical issues, the Product will be placed in a storage space (of the Delivery Partner) which is closest to the Customer’s location.
  2. The Customer will be notified of such change in delivery of the Product and will be provided with the address of the storage space.
  3. The Customer must collect the Product from the storage space within the specified timeline. Else, the Product will be returned to the Company.

 H. Liability of the Company:

  1. The Company is liable for the Product until it is handed over to the Delivery Partner.
  2. To facilitate smooth delivery, the Company will support the Customer and co-ordinate with the Delivery Partner.
  3. No liability lies on the Company for delay in delivery, damage to the Product or loss of Product during transit.
  4. The Company will consider Product replacement if a complaint is received within 48 hours of knowledge of loss of Product or damage to Product.

 I. Contact Information:

In case of any feedback, complaint or grievance, the Customer may reach out to the Company’s customer support team for immediate response at: Whatsapp: +91 99459 49043 or Email: