My skin is glowing


I've seen improvement in my overall skin glow and even my acne problem has come down.

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Acne is reduced

Pooja Srinivas

Since using Jiva Water Devices, my acne has gone down, and my skin has improved. I can really see the difference!

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No more back acne


Yami is great! Using it every day made my back acne much better, and now I feel more confident.

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Skin is totally hydrated


I feel that my skin is more hydrated now a days and I can feel the change, Thank you Jiva for such a innovation.

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My skin tone improved


Since I began using Yami regularly, I noticed my skin tone becoming fairer and lighter.

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Healthy skin in 4 months


My skin used to be very dry, but after I started to use Jiva Water everyday for 4 months, I feel my skin is much more hydrated and I dont see that dryness anymore.

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