Perfect Paddy: Dodanna’s Journey
with Jiva Devices to Achieving Optimal Rice Yields


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About the device - Jiva water, with its unique properties, has been found to enhance the absorption of nutrients by plants, leading to improved crop growth and yield. It can improve soil quality, water uptake, and nutrient distribution, resulting in better plant health. Quantum Electro Dynamics based Jiva devices offer significant benefits to farmers by enhancing water's natural life sustaining qualities, promoting soil health, and reducing the need for chemical fertilizers. Studies have shown that Jiva water can increase crop yield, making it an effective and eco-friendly choice for irrigation

Amidst the vast green fields of Hosalli, a small village in Karnataka

Dodanna Gowda wakes up at the crack of dawn to tend to his paddy crops. For generations, farming has been the backbone of his family's livelihood, and he takes great pride in growing healthy and high-yielding crops. However, with unpredictable weather patterns and limited access to good water resources, farming has become increasingly challenging over the years. Dodanna struggled with low crop yields and poor-quality produce during the Suggi season, which is the second crop grown with leftover water. The harsh weather conditions and low rainfall in the region made it difficult for farmers to achieve optimal yields during this season.

But thanks to the innovative use of Jiva Water, Dodanna Gowda has been able to overcome these challenges and achieve remarkable success in his farming endeavours. By using Jiva Water, Dodanna has been able to observe the benefits of Jiva Water on his crops and compare the results


Fed with

Jiva Water

Dodanna's experience with Jiva Water has been transformative for his farm. After incorporating Jiva Water into his irrigation system, he noticed a significant improvement in the yield and quality of his paddy crop. The fields looked visibly more lush and fuller after incorporating Jiva Water into his irrigation system, with an overall improvement in the health and productivity of the fields.


Fed with

Normal Water

Dodanna faced considerable difficulties with his paddy crop, despite using backwater for irrigation. The yield and quality of his crops were subpar, resulting in low profits for his business. Additionally, the amount of paddy harvested was significantly low, placing him at a disadvantage in the market.

Not only did the crop yield increase, but he also noted an improvement in the quality of the paddy. With Jiva Water, the paddy grains were bigger, fuller, and more uniform in size. This resulted in higher profits for his business as he was able to sell his produce at a premi-um price in the market

Jiva Water's benefits for Dodanna's farm did not stop there. With the increased yield and quality, Dodanna was able to expand his business and increase his revenue. He was also able to save on water usage as Jiva Water helped him to better manage his water resourc-es, resulting in a reduction in the amount of water he used to irrigate his crops.


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    Improved yield and Quality:

    After incorporating the Jiva Water device into his irrigation system, Dodanna saw a significant improvement in the yield and quality of his paddy crop. This led to higher profits for his business and a better reputation in the market.

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    Healthier plants:

    With the use of Jiva Water, Dodanna's paddy fields looked visibly more lush and productive than before. The plants appeared healthier and stronger, which made them less susceptible to disease and pests.

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    Cost savings:

    By using Jiva Water, Dodanna was able to reduce his costs significantly. The device helped to improve the quality of his water, which meant that he no longer had to spend money on expensive fertilizers and other chemicals to improve the health of his crop. This, in turn, helped to increase his profits and support his family and community by providing better quality produce.


The impact of Jiva Water on Dodanna's farm has been nothing short of remarkable. By incorporating Jiva Water into his irrigation system, he was able to provide better quality crops for his family and community, ultimately supporting their overall wellbeing. Jiva Water has not only improved the quality of his produce and increased his profits but has also enabled him to expand his business and improve his overall livelihood.