Yami - my trusted travel partner

I am a Project Consultant and a trainer from Bangalore. For the majority of my work, I end up having to travel a lot. This means I've to stay in different kinds of hotels every other day. And it has taken a toll on my health. I try my best to drink only clean bottled water. But it’s not always possible as I don’t always have access to that.

One day my wife told me about JIVA water. She had read about it somewhere and wanted us to try it out. And wow! JIVA Water completely changed my life. I always carry with me, Yami - my trusted JIVA Water device whenever I travel.

All I do is pass the available bottled water through the JIVA - Yami device into my steel water bottle. And that's it! The experience of getting to drink energetically pure water whenever you need is such a huge relief. And I feel so much more energized and active. Thanks, Team JIVA.

B K Subramanya Prasad
Project Consultant and Trainer
Bangalore, India