3 main reasons why you should be drinking water with life energy

3 main reasons why you should be drinking water with life energy

The water that comes from the taps or bottles is most likely to hinder healthy living, so here are the main reasons why you should be drinking water with life energy.

There are many things to consider when living a healthy lifestyle, but by far one of the most important elements is the water you drink. Water provides hydration, minerals and energy to our cells while maintaining vital functions and eliminating toxins from our system. But the water that comes from the taps or bottles are most likely to hinder healthy living. The reasons are many.

Tap water contains high levels of entropy, which makes it form incoherent bonds that affect optimal cell hydration. In simpler terms, when water is made to go through dark pipes, polluted with industrial wastes and treated with chlorine to make it potable, its vital life energy gets depleted.

On the other hand, Jiva Water signifies water that is full of Life Energy and closely resembles pristine waters found in natural sources and has many benefits that stimulate holistic wellbeing of the body. Here are 3 reasons why you should be drinking Jiva Water if you are conscious about your health.

Optimal Hydration: Our cells have aquaporin channels which assimilate water molecules one at a time. When water is depleted of life energy, the molecules are clumped together. When water is full of life and vitality, it allows the cells to easily be hydrated and nourished because the molecules are properly aligned and therefore it takes less energy for the body to get hydrated. Life energy can be restored in any clean water after passing it through Jiva Water Devices.

Energy, Energy, Energy: Energy is a vital part of being alive. Jiva Water provides the necessary life energy to the body. Lab tests done with a GDV machine show a massive increase of bio-field in water after passing through Jiva Water Device. Unlike caffeine, it gives long lasting balanced energy that is sustainable.

Trauma-free water: Jiva Water Devices neutralize the information in water and the water that comes out of the device is free from any accumulated memory.

Jiva Water is also being used in agriculture, dairy, poultry, gardening and water bodies with unbelievable benefits. There are both qualitative and quantitative yield improvements. It has helped regulate and balance the minerals in the soil and at the same time has shown antioxidant properties. More research is still underway. So, treat your cells to the water that they were naturally intended to be deeply hydrated by.

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