A journey of the moribund emotions of water

A journey of the moribund emotions of water


I’m water, the essence of life, the key to survival, an ancient entity worshipped for all that I give. I’ve lived a long, fruitful life, birthing forests, rivers, oceans, flora and fauna. It was a beautiful feeling when I passed through lush lands, fell from great mountains, flowed in between the hills and nurtured everything living. I felt bliss, free…


As the years passed, you came into this world as humans. I was curious as to what you would be. We met, I quenched your thirst, and you called me sweet and praised me. I washed your body, mind and soul, and you thanked me for having made you feel refreshed. Every day we bonded, uncovering a friendship like never before. Over the years, you discovered the powers I had and planned your life around me, including me. You worshipped me. I felt the joy of sharing and bonding with you


Years went by, and civilizations flourished. I gladly flowed to places you wanted me to so you could live and flourish. But, you slowly stopped respecting or requesting me. You started forcing me into a life of pain against my will. You pushed me into paths I didn’t want to take, dumped toxins, sewage and chemicals into me, hurting and degrading me. You stored me in dark places and held me captive for years to come. The light inside me slowly vanished, and I barely held on to my life.


For decades you have abused me, my children and everything that was innocently nature. You cut trees, then forests, rerouted rivers, filled them with toxins, built big tanks to keep me captive, and shattered the balance of nature. Now, I flow with no energy, no light, feeling broken and dead inside. Yet you blame me when your plants don’t grow, when your lands don’t flourish, when your body doesn’t feel quenched or when your pain doesn’t heal. Now, you drink me and call me bitter.

With everything I have been through, I barely live on in broken streams and shredded ponds. You are suffering trying to get me. Isn’t it time you stop and think of what you have done and what you need to do to help the world flourish again for generations to come? Let’s start with one drop at a time; let’s start with giving me back my life - Jiva.


Take me back to how nature intended me to be with Jiva Water Devices

Jiva Water Devices restore Life Energy in any clean water. They work to neutralize information in water, restore photoluminescence and bio-field, and encode the natural vibrational vitality in water, retaining its natural life-sustaining qualities to enhance the quality and benefits of the water we consume. It is not just a device but, on its way, to becoming a movement, nurturing, and empowering all living beings that it touches.

The device, based on nature’s quantum principles has the power to restore natural life energy through a process called Naturefication.

This World Water Day, join the JIVA revolution. Let's work towards reviving the groundwater – Making the invisible visible. It’s time you fight for mother nature.

To know more about us, visit - www.jivawater.com

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