Raw vs Polished-Fine Cut Gemstone - Brilliance observed from the Blue Sapphire Gemstone Study

Raw vs Polished-Fine Cut Gemstone - Brilliance observed from the Blue Sapphire Gemstone Study

To help know the intricate world of gemstones, the study of blue sapphire from Sri Lanka was a fascinating exploration of the brilliance of natural and cut-polished gems. 

 This vibrant gemstone not only captivates with its beauty but also offers profound insights into the deeper symbolism and transformative potential inherent in the process of polishing and refining. 

What is within us is perfection! 

The outer world can attain perfection only when the inner world inspires, guides, molds, and shapes it. 

At the core of this study lies that profound wisdom 

This perspective clearly shows the transformative power of inner growth and self-refinement, suggesting that our external realities reflect the state of our internal being. 

Resonance: One of the most intriguing aspects of the study is the symbolic resonance of the blue sapphire.  

Researchers of this study under the abled guidance of Dr. Krishna Madappa, Founder of Jiva Water Devices explored the natural gem versus the polished and cut versions. they uncovered layers of meaning.  

  • The natural gem symbolizes raw potential, untamed and unrefined, much like our innate talents and capabilities waiting to be honed.  
  • On the other hand, the polished and cut gem represents the culmination of effort, patience, and skill, reflecting the beauty and brilliance that emerge from self-awareness and personal development. 

Anecdotal evidence from the study adds depth to these insights.  

A picture of the polished and cut blue sapphire shared at a school sparked a profound response from a student. Enthralled by the gem's radiance, the student remarked, "Isn't this our natural state?"  

This question clearly captures the essence of the study, highlighting that our inherent brilliance and perfection are not external achievements but intrinsic qualities waiting to be unveiled through self-discovery and inner work. 

Moreover, the study delves into the symbolic significance of light within the gemstone. Just as light illuminates a gem, infusing it with beauty and allure, the study suggests that the flow of 'Love and Gratitude' within us illuminates our entire being, fostering harmony and wholeness. 

These profound insights, sourced from the Water Experiments, Studies & Researches conducted by Dr. Krishna Madappa, Founder of Jiva Water Devices, invite researchers to explore the deeper dimensions of gemstone studies.  

Beyond their physical properties, gemstones offer a window into the intricate relationship between nature, consciousness, and human experience, enriching our understanding of the interconnectedness of all things. 

Let the light in us shine! 

Source: From the Water Experiments, Studies & Researches conducted by Dr.Krishna Madappa, Founder of Jiva Water Devices 

 Written by:
Krithika Prasad

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