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    Developed frequency encoding technology.

  • Ensures optimal hydration

  • Transforms water into a richer, more beneficial state

The Science of Yami

It's time to expect more from your water

Think of water as a plain canvas, where clean water is the baseline, not the peak. Yami's innovative approach brings water into the next stage of filtration and purification, utilizing frequency encoding technology that restores the life energy in water, making it similar to water found in the depths of nature. This process, inspired by the natural rejuvenation of water in the environment, enhances hydration on a cellular level, unlocking the true potential of water to nourish and revitalize.

  • Vibrational Technology:

    Harnesses specific frequencies to bring back life energy in water for improved vitality.

  • Molecular Reorganization:

    Mimics the structure of naturally occurring spring water.

  • Enhanced Cellular Hydration:

    Optimizes water's ability to penetrate and hydrate cells more effectively.

  • Natural Rejuvenation:

    Inspired by the earth's process of energizing water through natural flows and cycles.

Developed for over 30+ years

A three-decade journey led by Dr. Krishna transformed a simple observation into profound scientific and spiritual insights, shaping the future of water. Hear it from him

Why Yami

Because clean water isn’t enough

Yami uses life-enhancing frequency and vibrations that transform water into its original state, which invites a new world of health benefits into your home for you and your loved ones.

  • Long-lasting stamina & energy
  • Improve focus & mental clarity 
  • Better menstrual health
  • Boost reproductive health & vitality
  • Balance chakras
  • Improve concentration
  • High productivity
  • Enhanced virility
  • Deep focus and calmness
  • Good nutrition absorption
  • Maximize dietary benefits
  • Brain-heart coherence
  • Better decision making
  • Improved well-being
  • Long-lasting energy


Real stories, profound transformations

How Yami Works

Pocket-sized, yet powerful

Yami is where simplicity meets innovation. Pass the water through Yami and Just attach, fill, and drink. It's that easy. Embrace the seamless blend of innovation and ease, bringing new life to every sip.


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Get the most out of Yami

Begin with confidence

With our customer care team ready to support you and a straightforward setup, stepping into enhanced wellness has never been easier.

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