Our current view of cellular water is as postulated by Albert Szent-Gyorgi in 1972 who stated:

"Sixty years of research has taught me to look upon water as part and parcel of the living machinery, if not the hub of life. Water is the most extraordinary substance! Practically all its properties are anomalous, which enabled life to use it as building material for its machinery. Life is water dancing to the tune of solids.”

The elegance and complexity of the above statement evokes a deep question. Since we all were born from a single cell that’s rich in water, whence did the information get imprinted into the water in our cells that formed all cellular life? (Read - JIVA Water – The Living and Conscious Being)

A renowned and visionary architect Buckminster Fuller was inspired by the “tensegrity” structures of cells that led to his iconic geodesic dome designs. He saw that cells use tensegrity architecture to structure themselves at the molecular level, and that use of this structural system depends on tensile prestress for its mechanical stability and enables cells to sense and respond to mechanical signals.

So, cellular hydration is vital for both intracellular and extracellular matrix to maintain form and function of the tensegrity structure of the cell and the vital role informed water provides to cell motility.

Simply termed, informed water is highly ordered, as JIVA Water devices provide, is energy rich in light and information (coherent) that provides the source code to optimize for cellular strength, vitality and stamina.

On the flip side, normal water - chaotic water which is highly disordered is energy depleted, both in light and information and hence energetically depleted, therefore the cells expend a significant level of energy (high entropy) to maintain homeostasis. Conditions for cell dehydration prevail here. Examples of dehydrated cells and hydrated cells are shown, along with chaotic and informed water.   


Another landmark revelation to Dr. Damadian (Inventor of the MRI), who suggested that informed water was more ordered in normal cells than in diseased cell (as cancer cells).  



As we advance in our learning of waters yet to be revealed mysteries, we are clear on this premise that water is the source of all life and that “informed water” is as close as we can touch to witnessing the deep secrets of nature’s bounty.

Written by :

Krishna Madappa, Ph.D, Founder, Jiva Water Devices

T M Srinivasan, Ph.D, Prof., Yoga & Physical Sciences S-VYASA Yoga University



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JIVA Water – The Living and Conscious Being

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