Importance of Water in Cancer – the Catharsis

Importance of Water in Cancer – the Catharsis

How is Cancer detected, in the first place? Cell study, right?

Something inside the cell changed; the cell couldn’t communicate efficiently; causing it to become cancerous; and Cells are predominantly water. They communicate using water as the medium. These are waters which carry energy.

We live a very stressful life today, which is complicated by our modernistic lifestyle (so much so, the usage of the term – lifestyle diseases – has become common parlance). Our cells are continuously communicating to release appropriate chemicals to throw away the toxins and help maintain healthy balance of our body. As this workload increases, there is cell fatigue; their ability to throw away the toxins comes down. Toxic build up begins to increase, rapidly manifesting as disease.

Now comes the important point. The cells are desperately looking for water that has energy. Yes, while we are drinking lot of water.. (or so we think), sadly, most of the water we drink is depleted of its energy. In the absence of energy, the diseased cells are unable to communicate effectively, and hence unable to throw their toxins! Net effect, the water you drink is flowing through your system, without being absorbed by the cells. We are, unknowingly, complicating it for our own cells!

Ever wondered why our mobile phones are called Cell! ..because the way they communicate with Towers, is almost like our biological Cell! So… the important word here is Signal! Without signal, communication cannot happen! Ever wondered if our water has the Signal strength? If it is weak, how can cells communicate!?

The energy aspect of water has now been measured, using Nano Imaging of Bio Photons.
Nanoscopic Imaging - Jiva Water

We call this the Life energy in water.
Water, travelling on the soils we’ve abused with chemicals and effluents, get further treated many times, before we get it in our glasses, to drink; by which time, they’ve lost most of its life energy.

Restoring the depleted life energy in water is most vital since we are talking about the life of a cell, which is mainly water!

"Sixty years of research has taught me to look upon water as part and parcel of the living machinery, if not the hub of life. Water is the most extraordinary substance! Practically all its properties are anomalous, which enabled life to use it as building material for its machinery. Life is water dancing to the tune of solids.” Albert Szent Gyorgyi; Nobel Laureate – 1937

JIVA Water devices emulate nature by conserving and enhancing the subtle energy in water with its unique design and materials used for its construction. Imprinting nature’s frequency and vibration into JIVA devices, which help revive the life energy in the waters we use, has been Dr Krishna Madappa’s research and effort, for over 30 years. There is an enhanced availability of photons as measured by a sensitive instrument and these copious photons are natural antioxidants improving immunity in the body. Water passed through JIVA Water devices regain their signal strength, and hence help Cell communication, in turn boosting cell health through deep hydration.

Example of water enriched with photons after passing through JIVA device:

Unfortunately, the treatment process required to treat cancers are very aggressive; and during these treatments, while targeting the diseased cells even the good cells get affected. The cells are already tired, fighting to throw away the toxins, now they have to fight throwing away the post treatment drug exudates (which are very harsh). That’s really a tough one on the cell!

Hence, drinking JIVA water is not just vital, but a commitment to nurturing your cell, to help it communicate better and throw the toxins more effectively. Catharsis as we call it, is the ability of the body (read Cell) to throw away its toxins.

Authored by: Srinivasan Vitoba, Founder, Jiva Water

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Another landmark revelation by Dr. Damadian (Inventor of the MRI), who suggested that informed water was more ordered in normal cells than in diseased cell (as cancer cells). 


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